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Rise of the Reds, Command and Conquer Generals Modification
“Ki McKenzie contacted our team roughly 3 years ago in 2013 and asked if he there was any available work as a voice actor.
Not soon thereafter we had a short conversation about how to approach the work he'd be doing for us which was the start of our cooperation as developer and voice actor.
It became quickly apparent that Ki had a good knack of doing various foreign accents such as the typical east european accents you see in a lot of video games and other media that feature soviets or russians in some shape or form, needless to say with our project having a large focus on voice overs with various different accents this was in high demand.
The quality of the recordings is always top notch and delivered well within agreed time frames.
I’ve had a lot of pleasure working with Ki and will remain doing so for the foreseeable future to come.”
- André Lowiessen/The Hunter, head development team leader of Rise of the Reds

Snowbird Studio’s Caribbean
“Ki’s been a real pleasure to work with. Very cooperative, full of initiative, always open to feedback. Working really fast as well, which is always a plus.”
- Daniil Spivakov, Director at Snowbird Studios

Fires of War Mount and Blade Warband modification
Ki/Comrade_Crimson and I have collaborated in three major projects, him providing voice acting in modifications I made of a PC game, Mount and Blade Warband. His work was of the best quality, very clear and well-heard sounds. His vocal range and variety of accents is also very big, providing me with sounds and phrases that vary from battle cries, to Ancient Greek phrases and cries and lines for bloodthirsty and noble Vikings. He not only rose to each different challenge, but also provided more than asked and also did research to figure out the correct words and tones for each one, not just blindly recording things he thought to be right. I was impressed by the depth and quality of his work and also by his interest in what he does and what is asked of him. He works in very professional levels, he is quick and doesn't value quantity over quality, delivering both. I came to trust him not only as a team member of a project, but also as a friend. A very open man, co-operative and positive in every way and showing a maturity combined with good humour, he helped me tremendously with all those projects.   

Antonis Apergis, Head developer of Fires of War team

88 Heroes, indie platformer game
“Ki was recommended to us by an associate of his, and he's been great to work with - he is able to tackle a variety of styles and get the job done promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!”
-Mike Tucker, Director at The Bitmap Bureau Ltd.


Day of Infamy, World War 2 Shooter

We were really impressed by Ki's performance as a Canadian soldier and multiplayer character on our WWII FPS game Day of Infamy. Ki understood very quickly the intensity, stress, and grit we wanted out of the character he portrayed, as well as the dynamic and spontaneous nature in which the lines would play. He delivered multiple VO orders to us very quickly, made good suggestions and improvisations on dialogue, and was very receptive and quick to act on feedback. His performance lent itself very well to the atmosphere of the game and combined perfectly with the dialogue of other characters.

-Michael Tsarouhas, Voice Over Director at New World Interactive


Mordhau, Medieval Combat Game

Ki delivered top-notch vocal performance for the medieval characters in MORDHAU, making his voices among the players' favorites. He has come up with excellent lines on his own, and improved on scripts provided by us with great improvisation skills. Looking forward to working with him again! - Marko Grgurovic, CEO at Triternion

Haem Projects, Carved Brink and Project Aho
Ki helped us in two large projects, voiced four big roles and two trailers. Clearly understands his task, doesn't hesitate to improvise and makes a first-class voice acting at the right time. More than 500 thousand of our players could hear his work and they were not disappointed. Separately I want to note the skill of the voice and the ability to make different accents and voices.


-Dmitry Bogdanov "Dimnooider" - Haem Projects

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