About Me

 Ki McKenzie is a voice actor from Alberta, Canada. McKenzie has been voice acting since January 2013, initially as a hobbyist for free game modding projects and YouTube animations. He does both professional paid commissions as well as volunteer voice acting and has an immense passion for his work. 

He strives to complete his work well within assigned schedule frames and tries his utmost to be a stoic and diligent worker. He has been known to help write scripts, give conceptual ideas and his thoughts and input to help organize and lead when the situation demands. If your project seeks success, McKenzie will be trying his hardest to achieve just that on his end of the job. 

Whatever your project may be- whether its a gritty and intense World War II shooter like New World Interactive's Day of Infamy, or a cheeky retro platformer such as Bitmap Bureau's 88 Heroes, or an animated parody series like Alfabusa's Emperor Text to Speech series; he will give his creativity and full effort to bring to life the characters and roles he is voicing and writing for.


If you are searching for a voice actor that puts his heart, full force of character and skill behind his roles and team positions, he's your man. 

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