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 Ki McKenzie is a voice actor from Alberta, Canada. Ki has been voice acting since January 2013, initially as a hobbyist for free game modding projects and YouTube animations, with a professional debut in 2015 in regards to professional commission. He does both professional paid commissions as well as volunteer voice acting and has an immense passion for his work. 

Ki has been known to help write scripts, give conceptual ideas and his thoughts and input to help organize and lead when the situation demands. If your project seeks success, Ki will be trying his hardest to achieve just that on his end of the job. 

From roles such as a Second World War Canadian soldier in New World Interactive's Day of Infamy, the mighty but lovable Primarch Vulkan in Alfabusa's Emperor Text to Speech Program, to medieval warriors in Triternion Studio's highly acclaimed, well selling video game Mordhau- Ki will adapt to the roles available and add his own creative spark, bringing them to life. Great amounts of research into accents, language and mannerisms are done for every role, and Ki typically adopts a method acting approach to any roles assigned to him for a realistic sense of immersion.


Ki has also worked as a project leader before, as he is the current active creative director for Sun Scorched Studios and has been involved intimately with their sci-fi horror game Negative Atmosphere. 

In addition to that, Ki is experienced in writing and editing books, with the Interbellum Roleplaying Game system being one of his proudest achievements. 

Flexible with pricing and very communicative, the needs of the client are an utmost priority. Whether its crafting and penning a story and plot to giving a voice to a character, Mr. McKenzie is the gentleman for the job. 

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